What is the Turbojav (Developed by former world men’s javelin champion, Tom Petranoff)

The TurboJav is a throwing implement designed to develop correct throwing technique.The TurboJav teaches the basic fundamentals and mechanics associated with any throwing Event. The TurboJav was originally designed to teach beginner javelin throwers the same throwing fundamentals in a safe and fun environment.


It is also ideal for the more advanced athlete to use as a training implement to improve their accuracy and technique. It has a softnose, which enhances the safety feature and allows it to be also thrown indoors.

Training Guides.  Click on an image to download the file


Tom Petranoff;s Summer Youth Turbo Field & Track Fitness Program Download.  File size 1.7 meg.


Tom Petranoff;s Training Throuwers Guideline

TurboJav Field Layout with Targets

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