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The TURBOJAV was designed by Javelin world record holder, Tom Petranoff, threw 327 feet 2 inches. Growing up, Tom was a multi- sport athlete who pitched 103 mph in 1986 threw football 93 yards. He also set a world superstar competition in 1984, Tom competed in 517 meets over 20 years and have no injuries.

Why Turbojavs Help With Baseball Training

Turbojavs can be used as a complement to baseball training. Throwing other implements outside of the baseball helps improve coordination and flexibility. Weak side throwing and two handed throwing are essential to develop a good throwing stroke.

Turbojav is a training tool for many sports like football, baseball, softball, javelin, cricket bowlers, to name a few. The TURBOJAV enables athletes to train motor memory skills through volume stroke training and requires athletes to use their big muscles and core levers. This leads to a throwing release over the center of gravity, which is key to finding your throwing strokes. Baseball and Softball use different motion and angles so it is hard on their shoulder and elbow to take overloads of rotational throws. Turbojav will help them find the stroke by forcing them to use their body and levers to throw instead of elbow. Throwing with different weights and implements helps athletes find the feel for using muscles and levers they did not know they had. All throwers can benefit from learning how to use the shoulder and body whip.

Purchase Turbojav for your team or athletes today!


We recommend baseball teams, especially Little League, but also at the professional or High-School level, to include the Turbojavs as equipment to practice technique and warm up.  Athletes are going to have a good time throwing the Turbojavs, you can play various throwing games from a distance, or aiming, and measure the speed too!



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