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The Throwing Zone
by Tom Petranoff

Made in USA



Official Event @Special Olympics and Middle School




I'm a two-time Olympian and World Record Holder but my most impressive accomplishment was maintaining a top 10 world ranking for over 10 years, competing until age of 45!

I credit this longevity to my self-developed training approach, focusing on overall body movements.  I invented the Turbojav so athletes could safely learn the challenge of throwing a javelin.

Tom Petranoff


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The TURBOJAV was designed by Javelin world record holder, Tom Petranoff. Growing up, Tom was a multi-sport athlete who could pitch (a baseball) 103 mph. Tom brings this multi-disciplinary approach to his coaching and trains his athletes on the stroke of throwing with the shoulder by restricting the elbow flex and rotational release. Tom didn’t suffer any injuries throughout his career and hopes to prevent this for other athletes by providing a low-impact system and training products that support longevity. This product is used as a training tool for many sports like football, baseball, softball, javelin, tennis, golf, volleyball, and bowling, but the list goes it. It was designed for use in slow speed, range of motion training to develop shoulder strength. The TURBOJAV enables athletes to train motor memory skills through volume stroke training and requires athletes to use their big muscles and core levers. This leads to a throwing release over the center of gravity, which is key. 

The Story Behind the Invention: Baseball and Softball Pitchers use different motions and different angles so it is hard on their shoulder and elbow to take overloads of rotational throws. Turbojav will help them find the stroke by forcing them to use their body and levers to throw instead of elbow. Throwing with different weights and implements helps athletes find the feel for using muscles and levers they did not know they had. All throwers can benefit from learning how to use the shoulder. 


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Made in USA



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Tom Petranoff

My love of athletics started early and I became a top-level athlete in high school by lettering in baseball, football, and golf. Shortly thereafter I discovered the javelin and my life changed forever. I was a two-time Olympian, broke the world record in 1983 and 1986, and held a Top 10 worldwide ranking for over 10 years. In 1988, I moved to South Africa where my career progressed to include working with Mobil Oil and local government developing track & field programs. A couple years later I invented the Turbojav and started coaching, which included the position of Head Coach for the 1996 Paralympic Games in Atlanta. I returned to the US in 1998 to continue the development and marketing of our Turbojav school programs. I've expanded the program with AAU, USATF, and Special Olympics, making the Turbojav the centerpiece of a much larger program known as Throwing Zone Athletics.

For the past 20 years, I've continued the expansion of the program while continuing to coach and train some of the most elite athletes from around the world. I have an unyielding passion for athletics and my vision is continue to support the sport of track and field and positively impact the lives and educational experience for disabled students and athletes. I would love to hear if you share in this vision or if I can help you with any product or coaching needs.

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