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The TURBOJAV was designed by Javelin world record holder, Tom Petranoff. Growing up, Tom was a multi-sport athlete who could pitch (a baseball) 103 mph. Tom brings this multi-disciplinary approach to his coaching and trains his athletes on the stroke of throwing with the shoulder by restricting the elbow flex and rotational release. Tom didn’t suffer any injuries throughout his career and hopes to prevent this for other athletes by providing a low-impact system and training products that support longevity, 

This product is used as a training tool for many sports like football, baseball, softball, javelin, tennis, golf, volleyball, and bowling, but the list goes it. It was designed for use in slow speed, range of motion training to develop shoulder strength. The TURBOJAV enables athletes to train motor memory skills through volume stroke training and requires athletes to use their big muscles and core levers. This leads to a throwing release over the center of gravity, which is key. 

The Story Behind the Invention.


Tom Petranoff has been throwing his whole life. As a boy interested in sports and throwing, he would spend his time throwing anything he could get his hands on - rocks, apples, bricks, snow balls, and all sports-related implements. 


At a young age, he was hooked on football and baseball, dreaming of being an NFL quarterback or a MLB pitcher. Tom won several punt, pass, and kick contests, played Little League baseball, Pop Warner football, and basketball until high school.  Through this experience, he learned many ways to train and strengthen his core and shoulder stretch reflex.  


Because of this training, Tom learned to throw without using his elbow. Instead, he learned how to use his body as a whip and how to use his shoulder as the torque convertor. With this in mind, he also saw a gap in training implements that would reinforce this motion but also prove to be safe for different age groups and environments. Thus, the Turbojav was born and has been evolving ever since. 


Product description

  • Turbojav comes in 3 weights: 300 -400 and 500 grams. Colors may vary from picture. They are easy to transport and can be used indoors and outdoors.

  • Our products are made of special medical grade Polyethylene body and that has super soft elastomer nose for safety and durability. All noses are non-marking for schools walls and floors.

  • TURBOJAV IS MADE IN THE USA! Powered by Tom Petranoff.

  • TURBOJAVS are revolutionizing athletics and sport education with a 100% track record on safety.

  • It is also ideal for the more advanced athlete to use as a training implement to improve their accuracy and technique. It has a soft nose, which enhances the safety feature and allows it to be also thrown indoors. It’s a perfect tool to improve the throwing mechanics for baseball to football, as it teaches technique and improves skills and accuracy.



BASEBALL SOFTBALL PITCHING-THROWING – Baseball and Softball Pitchers use different motions and different angles so it is hard on their shoulder and elbow to take overloads of rotational throws. Turbojav will help them find the stroke by forcing them to use their body and levers to throw instead of elbow. Throwing with different weights and implements helps athletes find the feel for using muscles and levers they did not know they had. All throwers can benefit from learning how to use the shoulder. 

TENNIS- has many applications to tennis stroke and serve. Tennis elbow is common problem and this helps take stress off elbow and teaches body whip to stroke and serve. Weak side training is also excellent for learn to use body and build coordination. 

QUARTERBACKS have the hip - chest - shoulder whip to throw far and accurate. Good technique. Many quarterbacks have too much rotation in their throw and tend to not use core whip and throw around center of gravity. This sleeve will help compact the stroke and get more accurate powerful stroke. 


JAVELIN----Look at this clip of Tom’s javelin throw in slow motion and notice how his body connects energy to shoulder and chest - no arm effort. The whip happens because his arm is relaxed and waiting for torque to catapult the energy to the arm and hand. Training this stroke is key to many throwing and hitting motions. The sleeve forces athletes to use their body whip to find the stroke and block for their event from the ground up to the shoulder. The Turbojav also helps athletes find the zone.


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